Our Mission

Biolink Devices strives to give patients and healthcare workers an opportunity to understand and monitor what is happening inside your muscles everyday.

Stop letting pain rule your day and get back to what you do best, being you

Our Technology

Biolink Devices provides healthcare workers with a new piece of exercise equipment for the use of muscle management. Two unique biosensors are attached to the body and collect muscle activity and range of motion data. This data is stored on an application that lets the healthcare worker compare past and present data to visually see your health journey.

Our Methods of Use

Whether it's a small sprain or a full ACL tear. Biolink Devices works with you to get you back into the game faster and safer than anyone else

Wearing out of cartilage happens, but don't let it hold you back. Biolink Devices will get you back to living a healthy mobile life.

As scientific breakthroughs happen, muscle degenerative diseases and stroke patients are living longer, healthier lives. Biolink Devices helps you focus on what's important in life and not your diagnosis.


Meet the team

Meet the Team

Brennan Macaig

Jaime Waldron

Jackson Kelley

Kyle Hamblett

Matt Kostandin